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Proposed Culinary and Cultural Arts Center of Tuscarawas County (C2TC)
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Dirt Line advocacy group making progress in trail development at Camp Tuscazoar!
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Local trail system will host final race of OIRL mountain bike race series
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Cities and towns across the country are tapping into the business of outdoor recreation, and with good reason. They recognize that outdoor recreation and open spaces are key ingredients to healthy communities, contribute to a high quality of life, and most importantly, attract and sustain businesses and families.

"The Outdoor Recreation Economy"
Every year, Americans spend $636 billion on outdoor recreation. In Ohio outdoor recreation generates $17.4 billion in consumer spending, 196k direct Ohio jobs, $5.1 billion in wages and salaries, and $1.3 billion in states and local tax revenue. Each year, at least 53% of Ohio residents participate in outdoor activity, with treasures like Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Salt Fork State Park, and many more bringing residents and out-of-state visitors alike in to participate, Outdoor Recreation truly is an overlooked economic giant.

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The Trails at Camp Tuscazoar
Looking for information about The Dirt Line, and the riding trails at Camp Tuscazoar? Join The Dirt Line Facebook Group or download a trail map, then get out and enjoy a ride. Downloadable Trail Map